The present state of Modeling Agencies: a critical point of view

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Please don’t wonder why this is the topic of my first blog on wordpress. I wrote it for a modeling agency long time back but I feel it to be quite relevant. This is completely my perspective……

Most modeling agencies have a tendency to wait for a perfect face to come up. They do not want to state it openly nor do most of them realize that they suffer from this kind of a thought but we can clearly judge this psychology when it comes to their recruitment of models. Models, like most other men and women are just human beings. Maybe they are a bit genetically superior or advantaged than me at things like height, skin complexion, blond hair or blue eyes, this I am stating while keeping the international scenario of modeling in consideration. But many a times it happens to be that a very normal looking person with a very average physique or figure comes out as a supermodel. Models like Nina Manuel, Naomi Campbell and Devon Aoki have proved that neither the complexion matters not your height or ethnicity. The modeling agencies and especially those in India forget this most of the times and waste so much time and resources in search of a darn perfect – face model and when they do or at least when they think they do, treat him or her as such a success material that they neglect the other models around who might have had more talent. The so called perfect – face models then have their own limitations and when they are expected to perform beyond them, they give in to the pressure or may simply go on and sign with some other agency.

Modeling agency’s job is to provide appropriate models for designers to display their new line of fashion products or to promote some company product or vice versa, to provide aspiring models modeling assignments. But over the past few years, thanks to our country’s rather lucky run at the international beauty pageants the interest has shifted to producing beauty queens with stereotypical bodies and crammed up intelligence. This has further worsened the condition of aspiring models who rise from different social and economical backgrounds. No one is concerned with the individuality of a person. Everyone wants to look like Kate Moss or Claudia Schiffer and while trying to do that they end up being just another starved bodied wannabe face in the crowd. The intense pressure, the increasing desperation of becoming someone and the creeping sense of not getting the desired is killing the young lot of people who dream of becoming a big model. Sometimes it is worse. This field is such that the people belonging to it are exposed to various temptations and sinful practices which sooner or later sway you away from yourself if not from success.

When was the last time when we had a true supermodel from this country? As far as I remember, never. What happened to the claims that Indian women have sensuous bodies and beautiful faces? Did China overtake in that too? This is because we lost the individuality. When someone asked a contestant at Miss India pageant that what mattered more to her, fashion or style she couldn’t give a clear answer. To her creating a self proclaimed style statement was nothing compared to going along with the current fashion, the fashion which is largely borrowed from the west. We all are responsible for this state and so are the modeling agencies which are so afraid of doing anything new, anything that is original or ingenious. Remember it all starts when agencies try to sieve out models on the stereotypical patterns. Modeling agencies need to create a difference. They need to find a breakthrough and if they really want to become a brand, they will have to brand the individuality and then they will no more be wannabes in a blind race of fancy.


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