Lost & Found!

I lost my debit card tonight! It is the second time I am loosing a card. I once lost a card about two and a half years ago. Same account! My salary account from HCL Technologies. Same old procedure of calling up the Card Lost department and lodging a complain!”Dude this is my this and this is my that…. please block my card, I have lost it :(“. Though I have an alternate card. My faithful 10th standard bank account card that is weathered to an extent that the engraving on the front face is barely visible, but it has always helped me in dire situations where my flashy younger looking snazzy card has ditched me!!

I left my card inside an ATM at a market in Mayur Vihar, Delhi, while I hastily withdrew money to pay for my paying guest accommodation. I haven’t moved in yet but I am kinda booking my PG with the advance payment while the paperwork is being done (Right now I am staying at a Company guest house). I took out the money and anxiously walked about a mile to make the payment. I was occupied with my work scenario as I have newly joined a company. I was in anticipation as after dedicated house hunting for 4 days which went from 6:30 Pm post office time to about 11:00 Pm every night, I had finally found a suitable place. My primary concerns : 2 times meals and a bed to sleep. It gives me more though, a desk, a cupboard and a common refrigerator. My would be roommate, another bong, strangely coincidental. I had actually found another accommodation, an individual single room setup with a clean bathroom attached but it was a little far from office, had no furniture and provided no meals, plus there was brokerage extra. Still, night before yesterday I had just paid a token amount for that house (that would have lapsed if I hadn’t gone and sorted out the matter tonight as I refused to take it up) yet I had a feeling that I should look further. So when I was returning towards my guest house I stopped near my office and instinctively walked into a colony of houses and went around asking for rented accommodations. I found a PG that was not vacant but I kept asking random people. I must have walked a mile around the houses spanning from block A to F and finally finding the PG I am talking about.

Last night when I withdrew money from that ATM (Fact: I had observed earlier that it does not pops out the card as usual but takes one to press Cancel button) I forgot the fact and left the card inside the ATM. My last transaction: one month advance rent for my PG. I walked, I payed, I left for my guest house which is in Lajpat Nagar. Had dinner, Spotted people cheering India against Australia at the world cup, came back to my guest house and went to bed. Got up, missed the cab, got to office in an Auto Ricksha!, worked the day, left the office, sorted the token money matter, got to the PG at Mayur Vihar and handed out the necessary proofs and documents for paperwork and rent contract. Now here is a twist. I then found a morally frustrated, rebellious auto riksha driver who plans to form a new union and fight the government against current metering and commercial taxes. A man from Ayodhya with a bushy mustache, a strong built and a loud mouth! Talked about corruption and government excesses all the way but didn’t fail to over charge me on my face. Although not much. When I got down near the guest house to withdraw some money from an ATM I realised that I didn’t have my card on me.

I don’t ask myself what am I doing here? away from my home where the beautiful Semal tree that is in full bloom. I am in a concrete jungle now. I as it is feel impoverished, not financially but environmentally. My mind is trained to adapt but what is my soul wanting?? Forget about food, what do I breath? and the noise that is deafening! There is Metro rail! better of the worse things but it does not compare to my little lawn at home or the jungle roads around my college where I studied. Though I don’t ask myself what am I doing here. My mind occupied with the thought of loosing something is fixated on my actions and I must act instinctively. I know I also have to meet a friend in about an hour. A card is lost and there would be a replacement. Sometimes a friend is also lost but then there can’t be any replacement. Although people try! but losing a friend because of your own mistakes pinches more and it keeps tearing you apart every day, every night if the friend was good. ‘Yet there is a Priority!’, I explained to the rebellious auto riksha driver. One has to do what is ‘Karmaniya’ (thing to be done at this very moment) and I asked him to take me back to the market where I lost my card.

Technically I lost it tonight as that is when I realised its absence, but in fact it was missing since 24 hours. I couldn’t have done much. Nonetheless I did go back to the market in hopes of getting it or don’t know what for?? “maybe the ATM guard kept it safe with him”- I must have foolishly thought, but without results. Called in the lost-card department of my bank to block my card and came back to Lajpat Nagar, just in time to meet my friend. We had been planning to meet for last 3 days while our plans constantly fell apart. So finally we met and we had dinner together, a nice long conversation and shared a few nice laughs. I forgot about my card for a while but then when I finally got back to the guest house, I checked my internet banking account and found out thankfully it didn’t end up in wrong hands and that someone had not gone shopping with it 🙂

No leaves attached

A blooming Semal tree


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