The crystal ship

My throat is dry and I may be thirsty. One of the many nights when I want to just keep doing what I am doing, no matter how useless that be. I am trending on Twitter Ye!! #lovehermadly is my choice as it comes from the Doors song. My efforts as a blogger are pathetic and I would have died of hunger if I had tried to take it up as a career. Its only good for my quarterly cribbing. Else I presume that the analytics of this blog will be a nightmare for any digital media person. Cable TV is over! and its the social media that is keeping our fair sisters

I call this the LA Woman

The mojo Rising and dudes busy these twilights. The attention span (if there is any) is subjected to the message that you design. No matter how much you bombard the whole websphere with your ATL communication, it will all be a waste if you haven’t given enough thought into what is your intent, who is it for, where all is it going to be beamed and what do you expect people to do about it? Feature integration has become easy (well, not all that easy as there is only more to do) but value generation has become tricky. No one cares if you are dying for a cause like cleaning the Ganges but would bother if there is a wardrobe malfunction, or yes there is a definite charm in fasting protests. I think what the advertisers and marketers are facing is a paradigm shift. Earlier they had to sell something useless by creating a feeling of usefulness. Now you have something useful to sell through the appeal of uselessness. Yes Uselessness is appealing ! Analogy – “Be a waste and girls will die for you.” (Conventional Wisdom, 1960s). But you gotta make it look authentic though. Authentic uselessness is something Oscar Wilde spoke about and the revival of aesthete culture of the 21st century is based on it. What are they talking about seriously? Politicians, bureaucrats, activists, Businessmen, their hot wives, Doctors, Techies, Non Techies, Artists, Scientists, kids, their mothers, the local newspapers, elite crows, middle class clowns, the town junkies, fair price store, the mad black dog chasing the bikes, and the fashion magazines, all seem to be struggling to express themselves. There is a definitive struggle to belong to something, someone, somewhere (and I don’t even have a Blackberry) and the need to form community is the basis of social media revolution, as offline people are strange. If a car in your parking lot is in flames, they choose to standby and click pictures (some may call it citizen Journalism). Be sure the Fire engine would reach after the fire is contained by efforts of some rare souls. So you need a platform to go and freak out ? That’s where Social media comes in saying “5 to 1, 1 to 5, no one’s here out of line, you give yours I’ll give mine, gonna make it baby, if we try.”

My friend who can write with both hands stays away from the likes of me and Mark Zuckerberg. We are both random people man. First he goes on to defame his CFO with a chicken and now he likes to kill his food so that he stops eating meat out of disgust. My friend is beyond explaining that the “world on you depends and life will never end” (I don’t believe it either, I think for that you need a Rolls Royce Phantom and a temple and a trust and I am working on that) and he would never join facebook. Lets just say he is a man of few words. But what I have started experiencing is a reverse trend on virtues. You speak less means you are dim witted, you are honest means you are a fool, you are doing the right thing means you cant understand a thing, if you are patient then you are for sure lazy and if you are vegetarian then you cant be trusted!!! well I kinda agree with the last thing and my Not-for-Profit friend would also support me on that but Hey man stop wasting my time calling me for interviews where you cant figure out from my resume, what to do with me? Try Branchout, it has good filtering features and the network is fast spreading, plus it is integrated within facebook. Else just go to LinkedIn, you can target your search nicely there although I am still waiting for a damn recommendation. So much for the free-of-cost instant gratification. As the ad spaces on social media enlarge and the level of complexity of applications and functionality increases, the expectations and competition will increase taking away the impact of your out of the box thinking! Irony is that no matter how loud you keep shouting “Like me two times”, eventually people will move on to the next whiskey bar. Ok! so now you would like to know what to do then? Making fake profiles and putting up half naked picks of hot girls is a good technique or you can try Second life but hey we got down to tactics !! Where’s your strategy man? One of the many common misconception is that the facebook ad salesguy’s (no offense) pitch presentation would make you an expert on digital space and its a mistake not to listen to me when at all I feel like speaking. So yeah now you want to know what should you do when and how? Hmm, let me explain it this way “I don’t know”, no one knows, everyone is experimenting but you should not try it at home without proper training and I cant teach you, not for free for sure and if you know it all then just comment on this blog and feel happy about yourself (also please share it on FB, LinkedIn, Stumble upon, Re-edit, Digg, site it in your blog, give me a trackback, tweet it, mail the link to 50 friends, include it in your next research paper, do a workshop on social media and call me as a speaker). People don’t see that the social media is not just a set of portals, profiles, applications and widgets. It is a evolutionary vehicle for the humanity. We are moving towards a collective cognitive learning mechanism and a dynamic symbiotic communication model, only that you have to be within 140 characters. So yes of course there will be certain peaks and exceptional successes but accept that you are one of the mediocre commoner and relax. Your day will come, just be patient. Social media needs patience, its people after all and even Rome was not built in a day :p. Its the Crystal ship that’s being filled with a thousand frills, a thousand thrills and I am still thirsty.


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