A note to the screen generation

Hello kids! How’s the weekend? Are you out with your girlfriends/boyfriends? Are you going to a club tonight? Gonna catch a movie or somethin? Or do you have stuff to finish before Monday? I love doing whatever I do.. For instance for the better part of this weekend I was feeling drowsy because of the cough syrup and then I met my friends and watched an amateur theatre with even more amateur audience.. But my social media needs weren’t fulfilled, so I sat down to write this post… In the back of my head I am thinking why am I not writing on my blog? But see that’s the dilemma.. Too many platforms and there is an excitement of the unknown when it comes to Google+

Preparing a training on social media for graduate students made me visit some very basic questions.. Why should we be on social media? Well everyone just started using the various network to keep in touch with old friends, make new friends and see what everyone else is doing, but didn’t we do all that before social media? Then what is the need to succumb to this highly intrusive yet addictive mode of communication? We can understand brands leveraging these attributes but what is in it for an individual?

I think people are have a basic tendency to be peeping Toms..no matter even if they loose their eyes for doing that. Social media is the Lady Godiva. While she is out for a purpose, the peeping Tom has his own immediate carnal gratification to fulfill. Aren’t we supposed to be a little better than that? There is a revolution at our hand and we need to prepare ourselves for future. The war of social networks is anyway turning into a mindless child’s play with new features being added everyday like a little girl’s doll house. This is ‘Maya’ and everyone is getting trapped in the web of illusion.. Forgetting that there is nothing real about it.. It is not central to our existence. Yes it is good at the periphery. When you can’t make true friends in real life.. How can you trust your social network? Why the hell would you put up personal and revealing posts and pictures online chat for hours pouring your heart out to someone you can’t even see? It’s sheer exhibitionism.

I believe we now have to start defining our communication on social networks. We need to know what we say and what we don’t. Well for the 55 year old and above women who are also the fastest growing users on Facebook, nothing really matters.. But to those of you between 18 to 30, have a lot at stake. Now I can’t teach you communication or sociology over a single post but I can ask you to take your eyes off the screen for a moment and question your conscience that whatever you are about to post or share is appropriate? Would you like your mother to see it?

Use social media rationally and know the boundaries. Learn to differentiate it from your real life. Emotions may destroy you but just don’t let it happen on social media because you might be destroyed mercilessly, sadistically and virally.


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