Enjoy your state of destitution. Unfortunately I am rich.

What’s most disappointing is the hypocrisy! What’s most discouraging are the norms! What’s most hurtful are the words that root from vested interests and personal agendas and what’s most saddening is the refusal to accept the transformation that we are all going through….. Yes that is the familiar sound of dilemma that my contemporary generation hears every moment. Whose fault is it?

We are all at fault. We are all equally responsible. You Sir, why have you worked so hard to build that empire of yours? And you Madame why have you never questioned the notion of reality that you believe is true? Me, I agree is weird but it is not far from truth that the civilization is crumbling and I have no hand in it. I am not the decision maker. I am a peasant and I would love to be that way. Yet you will turn to me, not while you are having your feasts but in your darkest hours. That hour is yet to strike so enjoy now while you can.

By nature Human societies are parasitic. Individuals and family units breed their own morals and harbor their own prejudices and yet the society acts in a pseudo-unity of beliefs and morality when faced with a common selfish goal. We see the breakdown of such morality and beliefs as soon as the goal is fulfilled and there is no individual benefit left to be drawn. What individuality are you talking about when you say I am different? We are all the same.

“Create this and build that! All for a better future, a life filled with joy and love…
While when you could and when you really did, there was something else on your mind…
Now when you have and when you own you can’t sleep? You wonder if it is at all for you to keep?
When you earn and when you burn you feel proud, and when you turn, end up in an urn, who cares?
You think its right, well it actually might but I have the right to bear the fruits of my choices.”

Society! Society! The self righteous ignorant collectivity guided by anemic intellect…. You burned St. Joan at stake. Don’t even try judging me.


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