Nirvana Revisited (Timeline)

Cover of "Heavier Than Heaven: A Biograph...

Cover via Amazon

For all those who have tripped on Nirvana and have gone ahead to idolize Cobain….

The grunge music trio might not be the greatest of musicians but were landmark innovators of modern rock. What might have fascinated me more than their erratic music was probably their wild history and honestly… destructive lifestyles. The generation Y owes a lot to Nirvana and its interesting to know them beyond their music. I have read the official biography of Kurt CobainHeavier than Heaven, and from a easily impressionable person’s perspective, it is soul gripping. I have lost my copy of the book and haven’t been able find a copy at bookstores across 5 cities in India. It’s not banned but bookstores just don’t keep this book in their biographies section!! (Plus I am incredibly snobbish about ordering books from online stores). Not to worry though, one time read was damaging enough and I have it memorized but for those who would want to know more about Nirvana, here’s a very attractive ‘Timeline’ from Seattle Times :

Nirvana on Dipity.

 …….And oh! for bloggers who are not aware, WordPress has a list of sites from which you can embed content. Unfortunately Dipity is not on that list yet so please go ahead and click on the above link to see the timeline. 

See the list


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