So you think you can tell !

Almost all my posts are about cribbing! You have any problems with that? Well I don’t give a damn, but my ranting is not for you to give me solutions. I don’t need solutions! There are no easy solutions for the existential problems I rant about. Its only for you to think deeper.

For those of you who think you know better… I outright refuse to take your challenge! I have better things to do. In the world of social media, I come across over-smarts on daily basis. They come from different professions, they master different skills, they have different goals and interests…. But they think they can do my job better than me. Well maybe, only if you knew me, you would have not tried underwriting me but rather joined hands with me to build something better! Here lies the central reason that why you are not that good in social media as you think you are.

Be social first and then talk about social media. Don’t bring your arrogance that you probably nurture in your profession in judging that I am not good in my job. I know what I am doing and you have got nothing on me. What makes most people prematurely decide that a social media strategist just sits idle and does no real work is their own impatience. We don’t need a flash of genius out here! We sure need creative thinkers but more than that we need people with empathy who can understand people. Bozos who think they know better can’t even endorse free speech forget the notion of being social. Social media will only be ruined by people like such who try to foolishly standardize and in turn try to restrain the ever evolving social networking. Trust me, Facebooks of the net can have their IPOs but that’s not the only place where people are.

Remember social media is a long term game. Try managing social media for a brand and you will know that with aggressive/sales minded bozo attitudes you will probably do more harm to the brand. You can bring business but not build the right image if you don’t understand the basics of human behaviour. Its easy to shock people but difficult to retain their interests for long.

What a social media strategist should say to all those bozos who try to bully her/him is – “look what you do is for now, what you do will remain in public memory for a few days, a couple weeks, a month, maybe 3 months down the line some people will still talk about it… But what I do will remain in public conscious for 15 seconds… And by doing what I do… I have to make sure that something, which is neither the product nor the cause, remains in public subconscious for years to come.. So step off!”


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