Things I can never explain

Not that I absolutely can’t, but I won’t go into depths to find the specific psychology behind the actions or rationale behind the causes. Here are some things that are simply beyond me:

1. Why do people press ‘down’ to call a lift down when they actually want to go up!

2. Why do people save space on having a garage when they eventually end up buying more than one car?

3. What’s the point of having ‘Push’ ‘Pull’ signages on glass doors that open both ways?

4. Why is there ‘Direct Message’ facility on Twitter?

5. Why do buses never have seat belts for passengers when actually they travel faster than cars usually??

6. Why do they have Jersey Shore on Vh1?

7. Why is cricket such a big deal?

8. What’s the connection between a deodorant and half naked chicks?

9. What’s the deal with eggetarianism? Eggs don’t grow on trees!

10. Why do most bikes have drum brakes in rear and disk brakes in front? Shouldn’t the opposite be more effective?

11. Why do people blame the TV at the end for their spoilt kids?

12. Why do engineering semesters happen at mornings in winters and at afternoons in Summers??

13. What’s the point of having a honeymoon when relationships don’t last a decade these days?

14. Why is fuel surcharge way higher than the ticket price in air travel?

15. Why is pen knife called a pen knife?

16. Why is spirituality so random and materialism so eminent?

17. What’s the obsession with cloning? Isn’t there enough life on earth?

18. What’s the obsession with aliens? Are we so damn bored with ourselves?

19. 1 million years since the dawn of mankind but why can’t the 2 sexes just make peace?

20. Why are we even here?


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