I have preferences, and I have opinions. In most cases the idea is to be meticulous about your thoughts and just not be vocal. The danger in using just personal experiences to create opinions is overlooking the long term implications. While the risk of building opinion only on the worldview is to end up negating your microcosmic circumstances. Although it does take experience to form an opinion, personal opinions are easy to translate while worldview opinions require a complex thought procedure to collect, augment and articulate. Maybe financial advisers of the EU nations, the fallen banks of America and the corporate intelligence consultants of scandalous corporate companies chose to depend on a quick opinion rather than an correct opinion.

Opinions are indebted to honesty. Vested interests, hidden agendas, propagandas, peer pressures, social needs, desires, ambitions and veiled intentions take people away from honesty and thus from correct opinions. You will observe that people with least understanding of a matter jump to conclusions faster and are more opinionated than their wiser counterparts. This is the state of our nation too and I just came to know today that a group of baboons is called a ‘parliament’, if you know what I mean.

Nonetheless I realise that this post may make you uncomfortable and that’s absolutely fine. It may be seen as raising questions about the faiths and beliefs of people, most importantly about self, but it doesn’t. So don’t worry, it does not demand you to change. In fact chances are that its better if things don’t change. Philosophers will not rule in this era. They will not be allowed to, just like my friend says (the one who can write with both hands). As far the correctness is concerned I will give you a relief… It has got nothing to do with being right. You may not be correct but you could be right. Right for this moment, so savor it. Don’t delve into the right or wrongs you will lose your mind. To make it easier I will end by saying that the golden rule to put forward a true, unbiased, rational, unforceful, honest opinion is to keep quite more often than you listen to others.


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