Reap (A Poem)

She stands in the field
This is the year when its gonna yield
The winters don’t bite
Summers don’t burn, days nor night
She stands in the field
Ready to sow, ready to reap

Times change in an eon
Sometimes in a flash like neon
Streets they choke
Wolves roam in packs, lions alone
When she was the reason
There was pain, there was beauty
Her voice was rain
Love was easy, so was to burn…

Yet time is a fish
File through the bars of time
Join the ranks you chose
Of prince, the pauper and the fools
Peep through the curtains
What you see can blind you or jade you
So stab her well and then keep
Most of them do, there’s nothing to reap

She stands in the house
With all the chambers sealed
Backyard is a backlog
Too long lost, left locked living
Outgrown, outlived yet
The garden in front, so well manicured
Holidays are late,
Laid with luxuries and pleasantries

He ran for mayor,
Got the stars, moon and heaven
She believed yes,
Throbbing in her own beating heart
The meat, the wine
Nothing was spared, everything’s fine
She frowned,
At her brother’s phony smile…

Rain came thundering down
We all tried, all in vain, so well trained
They closed their ears
Her words were meaningless, strange
We all checked out
The carnival had begun, who’s to care?
So she stood there,
Ready to bleed, ready to reap….


3 thoughts on “Reap (A Poem)

    • Thank you for your kind words. Glad that it didn’t disappoint. This tribute to the Solitary Reaper is a metaphorical reference to an aching heart rather than a female.

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