It’s not all that practical as you think it is

Yeah it makes no sense. Yeah it is all relative. Life, to each is with own reasons and self made justifications. We say that is cool, this is awesome and well sometimes right there it sucks. The world strips you naked and whips you on your back to straighten you out. It pushes you to become practical and soon your decisions start driving from the worldly sense of what’s wrong and what’s right.

However one thing that makes absolute sense is time’s cyclic nature. Despite all the modern inventions and cultural fragmentation, don’t you seem to get a deja vu when you see people trying to change things. Don’t you see a kid going through the same things you went through when you were a child. Albeit the televisions are replaced with handheld devices, ‘killing time’ will always be a part of being ‘young and restless’, don’t you think?

Well then what’s practicality? Accepting things in the state they are or translating your actions towards cliché and turning towards the option where the risk is minimum? Don’t look for answers here. Didn’t we say, each to there own.

Life didn’t whip you naked. World did. A large part of what they mean by ‘being practical’ is ‘being an asshole’. It only matters if you have any class in being that. “Now this world’s favorite whipping boy grows up to become an asshole.” How many times have you felt like this for yourself? Don’t be a hypocrite now. Come on admit it. You know you were conditioned for this. Given a chance you would have wanted to be in the ‘chocolate factory’ forever. Only reality is that you work in a factory none the less.

One of the most confusing and ill understood concepts in both theosophical and spiritual disciplines is the separation of world from life. The thought that they are separable entities has bogged thinkers and common men alike. They say that the world prepares you for life. Which life are you talking about? Life doesn’t need the world. The existence of world is consequential to life but not a cause for life. So when the world tells you how to live life, that’s the advice which is most detrimental to existence itself.

“The genius prank of nature is in the creation of intelligence which leads us to believe that we can make sense of it…”

And thus we see every time things happening the least expected way. Every time we fortify the defenses, something unusual makes its way through. We try so hard to keep things going by being so practical but a sudden accident changes the game. A lone wolf turns things around. Earthquakes, meteor showers will change the geography and wars will keep changing the course of history. We will always see things happening which are impractical and the world will change again and again because after all it is but artificial.


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