Don’t deny that we are going crazy

Animal Farm

Animal Farm (Photo credit: Ben Templesmith)

The global frenzy that we have now is a result of our eagerness to equate apples with oranges. We are all great people as far as humanity is concerned but as George Orwell would write in the Animal Farm – “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than the others”. I don’t really understand the statement but I believe the author meant to show the fallacy about discrimination, and how we always find reasons to segregate. Well it is not just an issue between the rich and the poor, the intellectual and the fool, the old and the young or this race or that. Funny thing that the comparisons that lead us to discriminations exist in much finer definitions than that. We not only have categories of rich and intellectuals, we are now breaking it down to lifestyle choices and subject preferences. Yes we are going crazy.

Social Media and all the technology are helping us target people better. Target? Well, being a Social Media expert and a brand strategist, I love my job. The sadistic pleasure of going after people, invading in their privacy, extracting data and making judgements about their preferences is just the job for me. I love rigging my brands with emotional messaging and empathetic attributes so that people give in to their dopamine secretion. I am a communicator par excellence and I spend hundreds of hours of my life just talking to people and not contribution anything substantial to the world.

But what happened to the everyone else? Suddenly it seems that no one trusts anyone  any more.  With all our PR and Communications we just made people more aware for their own sake. The disillusion that has started seeping in because of the uncontrolled knowledge and the contrasting realities of the economic worlds has strangely affected the people in their day-to-day lives. We have so little resources but so many temptations. The corporate view of work hard, party hard can’t be true cause it is making people sick. While it seems to be a ruse developed by companies to exploit their employees, we are seeing the cave man re-emerge. With all the technological sophistication, we humans are becoming increasingly uncivilized. Put us in our box and let us communicate through screens, we are good, but set us free and let us interact in real world, we are treacherous and abusive.  Where do we go from here?


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