Sounds and Colours from the Sculptures

Have visited a couple of times and it’s absolutely breathtaking. The International Sculpture Symposium at the unique culture village of Shilpagram, situated in the lap of Aravali Mountains is a thing to watch and experience. 21 eminent artists from India and around the world are creating some awe-inspiring, jaw dropping,  pieces of monumental sculpture. Its kinda crazy out there. The meeting of these artists and massive blocks of rock is simply magical.

Somehow its a very humbling experience for a visitor like me. The sheer sizes and scale of operation makes you feel miniaturized. The artists in their usual composure, tower over all with their pleasant way of going about their craft. This is surreal to an outsider but I am guessing it’s extremely normal for them.

Well the Mewar heat is known for its sting that can knock down the best of armies but nothing seems to de-motivate these insane stone carvers. Bhupesh Kavadia who is the man behind all this is an accomplished sculptor himself and is carefully laying the path for others to follow. It was his idea to bring together all the artists and in a process create an event that not only showcases the talents but also beautifies Udaipur utilizing marble, something that is so abundant here.

Here is a video in which I have tried to capture some Colours and Sounds from the venue:

International Monumental Sculpture Symposium from koustubh bhattacharya on Vimeo.

Fun is in the air:

advaita-gadnayakCalm and soft-spoken Advaita Gadnayak is a sculpture artist from Orissa and is in his complete elements. He likes to socialize and is very patient (At least while answering my questions, he was). He is making a 20 feet high sculpture in 5-6 gigantic pieces which he will assemble to build something on the Samudra Manthan theme from Puranas (Ancient Indian Mythology). What is it? You will have to wait till 25th April for the event to be open to public.

renate-varbruggeBelgium born, Renate Varbrugge is a master carver from New Zealand and probably for her seniority, she has been affectionately designated as ‘Mom’ by her crew of assistant sculptors. (Well that sounds like a Mafia!) I had to remark on her signature sculpture pieces which look much like the Asgardian Tesseract from the Marvel Comics. It will be amazing to see her works long after she returns to her home.

Anyhow, this is the first of its kind gathering of Sculpture artists in the heritage city of Udaipur. Shilpagram has come off as an excellent venue to house these mammoth stone pieced which are being carved by the artists. Later on these pieces will be set at various locations in the city and become a part of the city’s cultural landscape. But before that the sculptures will be open for public viewing from 25th to 30th April and I think you should visit.


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