Parenting according to Indian Advertising and the Big Brand Invasion

How many times do you hear parents saying – “My kiddo doesn’t listen to me!” or “my kiddo doesn’t eat veggies”. The whining, nagging kid at the dinner table is not uncommon but what’s most shocking is the un-filtered, unabashed Indian advertising.

This ad for health drink suggests that this 5 year old kid is not growing in height because his mom gives him cheap health drink and that now his mom must take advice from his friends what she should feed him…

Lets take it a step further and say that your kids need memory chargers because they don’t get full nutrition from food because they don’t like eating what you cook at home.

This ad for a milk additive suggests that your kid will keep complaining about drinking milk until you put this stuff in it.

This ad for a noodle suggests that your kid will be healthy by eating noodles only if he could remember to eat cause he might just die starving before getting off the PSP

This ad suggests to kids that their moms need to loose weight and she can’t stand cauliflowers. How can you get your kids to eat their veggies?

Apparently its cute to be a nagging bitch. This chocolate ad will teach your kid to be a whimpy little whiner and never to share things with others…. Whoever wrote Charlie and the chocolate factory, may rest in peace!

This handwash ad tell your kids it’s stupid to be a mamma’s boy and to listen to her because his classmates will make fun of the fact that probably he is doing the right thing.

This detergent ad is gearing up to turn your kid into the ultimate douch in college.

This ad is at its best when it comes to teaching materialistic narcissism. The girl is barely 4-5 years old and she is worrying whether she’s pretty because nobody in her class looks at her and then her dad gets her a brand new car that gets her all the attention… Finally

The aggressive brand advertising from west is evident in Indian television. The Indian advertising industry is going to such lengths in selling stuff to kids that they are border-lining on evil. Who sucks, who sucks more… you decide.


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