A Spiritual Journey : Tour of Ujjain

My Mother often cribs about getting older. She, as almost every other woman of her age has complaints of various pains. Back pains, joint pains, mental pains. Well she’s certainly the most hard working in our family, the rest of us are in constant fear of her disciplining ways. Not to mention she is a school teacher. Much of her tribulations also come from her workplace as it is not easy to be a teacher these days. Parents are jerks who don’t even know what they are trying to defend. While they are notoriously over protective about their kids, they barely give time to them. They expect the school to spoon feed their kids, give them a good upbringing and even turn them into some kind of godly being. If you are a teacher, your life is screwed because all the family dysfunction that the kids bring from homes will be dumped on you and you will have to tolerate it. You cant spank a kid anymore if he or she goes out of line. Parents want to cover up their mediocrity with their wallet and the management can’t say anything about it because it really doesn’t matter as long as money is coming. Then of-course, who cares because exams have got fu**ing grades now. No one has to try too hard to pass. Why didn’t I have that luxury back then? You know I am the laziest!!

The teacher of today can be happy only if they don’t really think about teaching. Good teachers will suffer and hence the turmoil of my mom will not be over soon. She knows it as well. However, that is a story for some other time. That being said, let’s get back to the main story. My parents and I were feeling a little over taxed for a while and we really needed a break. Dad has been in his goofiest best and minor ifs and buts were quickly turning into these giant ruckuses and subsequent sobfests (I might have exaggerated it a bit). Some how we all knew we needed to get away somewhere. A couple of days back he came up to me and asked to get tickets to the holy city of Ujjain. It was called Avantika in ancient India and is one of the selected places which serve as a venue for the legendary Kumbh mela, the big fair that happens every 12 yeas in one of these locations which is going on since time immemorial.

The idea was pitched and was hastily planned. 3 last tickets of the train that were waiting for us was like a sign from God and we were soon on our way. The holy city, the city of Mahakal (The apocalyptic form of God Shiva). We got there all good and more happy than we were back home. We had a little pick and choose situation with our hotel room but we managed to compromise with only the best. After getting ready and fresh as ever, we set out to tour the mystical city. Here are some pictures you might want to see:

Ujjain tour bus

The tour bus that I wanted to get on but we chose not to.

Women singing chants

Women singing chants at the Mahakal Temple

Mahakal Temple

The reconstructed dome of the Mahakal Temple.

Sandipini Ashram

Entrance to the school where Krishna studied as a child

3 famous students of Sandipini ashram

The prodigal alumni of the Sandipini Ashram. From left: Balaram. Krishna and Sudama

Mangalnath Temple, Ujjain

And the intense temple located right on the Tropic of Cancer. Its ancient and people flock to this temple to thwart the effect of Mars! Oddly, my cellphone was acting real strange at this place

Lamp pillar at a temple in Ujjain

These are common features at every temple in Ujjain. They are lighted with a zillion lamps in the evening

The God who likes Drinking

Being the commander in chief of Shiva’s army, Kaal Bhairav is revered to an extent that people offer alcohol in this Hindu temple!

Offerings at Kaal Bhairav's temple in Ujjain

And the holy offerings for Kaal Bhairav!!

Evening lights in Ujjain

Evening lights in Ujjain: These are ancient temple compounds which are the heart of the city

At the riverside in Ujjain

At the riverside in Ujjain: Can imagine how it must have been hundreds of years ago.

Shipra riverside in Ujjain

Shipra riverside in Ujjain

Sandipini Ashram, Ujjain

The 3 famous students again! If you got schooled here, you wouldn’t bother going to Harvard and still would have changed the course of history

Riverside at night

The Templed riverside of Ujjain is a unique landmark. Although these get submerged when the river is at full flow

Another shot of the riverside buildings in Ujjain

Another shot of the riverside buildings in Ujjain. There are really old monuments.

Evenings in Ujjain

We had a long walk beside the Shipra river

The Lamp pillars

The Lamp pillars at night. Can you see the smoke coming off them?

The oil lamps and the electric bulbs

The oil lamps and the electric bulbs


Well all I could say is that the purpose of the journey is fulfilled in the way it all went. The peaceful effect of the city was transferred on to us and the physical exertion actually worked in favour. Mom says her pains have subsided miraculously. If that is so, then there is something about this place which is a warm reminder of our consciousness of good. Overall it was good fun.

In our usual, everyday lives where we constantly fight with monsters and demons, journeys like these are effective detours and one must take them occasionally, if not too often. Don’t overdo them because then nothing will really affect you and certainly don’t use spiritual inclining as a cover up for being really terrible person on the inside…. seriously!




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