Dare To Have Radical Thoughts?

Charlie Hebdo Well how radically can you think? What is the meaning of being truly radical? Is freedom of speech only for those who have the loudest voices or does my civilization grants it to everyone? Where does the freedom ends and responsibility begins? What happened at Charlie Hebdo is unforgivable. Nothing can justify the crimes against humanity even if committed in the name of God. It left me shell shocked for a few moments…. just a few moments… and then I switched channels on my TV to watch cartoons. Cartoons, which don’t take life. I simply don’t care about Charlie Hebdo because I didn’t care when over a 100 school kids were shot dead just a few weeks ago. No one felt it was a reason enough to gather in large masses in protest. Mass murder is just a way of life for the people of our generation. We are de-sensitized by all the violence shown live on TV. There is nothing to be done. To me it’s still kinda unclear that what were the Charlie Hebdo guys trying to achieve with their vulgar portraiture of a man who died 1500 years ago? Who are we to judge whether a Prophet’s teachings are relevant or not when people believe in his teachings, although YOU say that they are being corrupted. I don’t understand that why a Leftist news media source finds this as the only way to prove that whatever is wrong in this world is because of a prophet. Frankly, I have seen those cartoons and even though I am not Muslim, I find them in poor taste. Those guys who entered the building and shot bullets have clearly misunderstood everything the Prophet might have stood for but frankly, now is not the time for engaging in a diplomacy of mockery. Liberal artists and misusers of freedom might say it’s political satire but I don’t see it that way. I see a very well thought and carefully executed propaganda where people from both the sides are involved in a pseudo-religious conflict which hides the greater economic reasons that lie beneath. What happened in Paris, although is deeply saddening and tragic, reminds us of the time and context we live in. A few decades ago the first world powers were funding unemployed youth from the middle east to fight their secret wars around this region. The bet was on the control of oil and natural resources. Now when the violence reaches their homes and the fire refuses to settle down because some people find it profitable to continue the terrorism, the first world feels threatened by the growing chaos they fueled. This typically sounds like a plot from an episode of Star Trek Next Generation, however the setting is not in space but on our very home planet. I feel ashamed of my existence when I see such brutality and the effect that it has caused on our generation. We just switch channels. We fear to say the right thing or do the right deed because some people overstep their authority and then some other people completely loose all sense of value for human life. Where is religion involved in this? We are all going mad. Madness has no religion. So, I thought, why should I not write what I feel? Why should I not condemn both sides for being crazy and causing this to us all? Right! everyone has personal agendas to serve. No one wants to be the bad guy. Now, some leftists snobs at Charlie Hebdo (A magazine that really nobody cared about till now) get killed for mocking a prophet. I would ask. Why do you have to beat everyone on their heads with your atheistic propaganda? You don’t have a prophet, or a god… well good for you! Leave the people of other faiths alone. Those guys probably knew what they were asking for. Their martyrdom will certainly increase Charlie Hebdo’s circulation by galactic proportions. Its a neat way to sell more magazines. Good Job! Controversies have always been a great marketing tool. However, if you are morally hurt by my lack of composure and sensitivity on this issue then I must say I am simply emphasizing my freedom of expression that you so love fighting for. So please fight for me. I have almost no supporters. Arnab Goswami is a great guy and a true Banglar Gourav (Pride of Bengal). His show coincides with my dinner time so I watch him regularly. I could never determine whether I should consider him a great arbitrator of opposing sides or a parasitic symbiote who loves discord and draws profit from it. When Charlie Hebdo happened, Arnab Da jumped to the occasion and started yelling “freedom of speech”. The favorite slogan of all media puppets. I had an interesting vision. I visualized freedom of speech akin to jumping out of a window. Now we all have the freedom to jump out of a window. If we were to exercise our right to jump out of the window, some might tell us that it is common courtesy to take the door to leave the room. We might be radical enough to ignore such advice. Jumping out of the window might also serve as a necessary means to leave the room in emergency if our existence in the room is threatened by sometime like a wild animal in the room or a house fire and the doors seem unapproachable. In any case jumping out of a window seems usually harmless when the room is on the ground floor. Jumping out of a first floor window is more challenging but situations might provide enough motivation to do so. However, if the room is on the fourth floor and there is no apparent reason to jump out of the window then the logic goes out of the window with you. Then there are the movie stars who think they can change the world in 2.5 hours. Our dear Amir Khan thinks himself to be the Oprah of India. There was a time when his mix of sarcasm and pretentious chastising of the audience was fascinating… now I find him… well just pretentious. It’s not his fault. It happens to every actor who becomes a director and brushes shoulders with leaders of the states. Suddenly the actor no longer contends in the confines of being an entertainer but craves for something more… substantial. They fear that their sincerity will be at stake if they admitted that there is nothing really substantial about this world…. as Einstein would say “Everything is relative.” But, the extra terrestrial in Amir’s film PK was clearly not interested in ethereal aspects of science and philosophy. Rather, he was an all out critic on religion and morality in it’s most trivial and base forms. I still stand by the opinion that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Paul was far more entertaining. Anyway, the visions of the visionaries can hardly be disputed because ultimately no one cares about what I think. Amir’s movie did make a lot of money after-all.

A visionary… Vision is Scary – Slim Shady


4 thoughts on “Dare To Have Radical Thoughts?

  1. “However, if the room is on the fourth floor and there is no apparent reason to jump out of the window then the logic goes out of the window with you.”

    This just sounds like “Don’t take unnecessary panga”/ “Writing against someone non powerful is like jumping off the ground floor, but writing against a religion is like jumping off the fourth floor”

    I couldn’t understand what point you tried to make.

    I can say that religion has caused so much hate in the world that i’ve seen enough people die because of it and hence I speak out against it.
    I don’t force people to not follow it.

    I express my views about it. In a non violent manner.
    Its that simple.

    Tomorrow if you make images of Atheists dying because we don’t believe in god, I will probably look at it and laugh but never get offended. Maybe you just need to grow up a little. Try it. It feels so much better.

    • Your definition of growing up is being an atheist? Well my friend, violence is not only physical but also mental. I simply stated the distasteful representation of someone revered by a society of people who already are having a tough time fighting the criminal elements within their society. Alienating the entire community for the deeds of a faction will alienate the intellectuals and reformers of that community also which is not only unjust but also dangerous.

      Death over religion will never stop, unless people learn to respect each other’s cultures and becoming atheists is only an escapist way of thinking. In-fact neo-atheism which is born out of industrial Protestantism is just another tool for cultural assimilation. And who said atheists can’t be violent? Sam Harris is a dangerous man my friend. Stop sucking on stupid propaganda.

  2. There is something to be done about it. Don’t murder.

    You typically don’t risk injury to yourself when speaking. when you jump out a window, you can break a leg…

    That a person will murder someone for words on a screen, or a drawing is insane.

    “Sticks and stones”

    I am offended by your failure to protect my free speech to your death, Sir. Good day! I say, good day, Sir!


    My imperial avenue webisode is the bomb!

    • I am not offended… I am rational…. but a lot of lives are lost at the hands of people who get offended. Once you offend someone, it no longer remains in your hands whether the reaction would be violent or peaceful.

      It is ideal to say that I’ll defend till death your right to speech even when I do not agree with you…. but if words drive us to war, I would rather not defend anything.

      Common man does not understand such high morals. They just follow the next big leader who has his own agendas. It’s time to get down from the high horses of morality and see what’s really happening here.

      No one can deny the worthlessness of the debate over religion when the cause is underlying economic greed.

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