Why Good People Will Go Extinct

Badness just draws you in

Whether religious right wing people agree with Darwin about evolution or not, good people are bound to go extinct. By that I don’t mean that people who are inherently good won’t exist or die out slowly. Its just that good nature in humans would go extinct and I have an argument on that. Good nature is ultimately an altruistic mutation that is somewhat disadvantageous in a society that knows that an abundance of resources can be acquired with aggression. We needed altruism until the point where it was necessary to share our resources to ensure the survival of the tribe. In pre-historic life that behavioral adaptation slowly became a self preserving instinct since we depended on each other for protection. However, that’s no longer the case.

With modern technology we’ve been able to expand our resources beyond our needs and we don’t need to stay in herds to feel protected. Our dependency on fellow human beings has been objectified as services and products that are in turn governed by monetary system and basically everything can be bought now if you have the capacity. That capacity can be gained only by competition and thus it stands in the way of altruistic behavior. Although altruism helps in winning through cooperation but now the goals are no longer merely survival. When the co-operation is build on purely materialistic rewards, it makes little basis for social cohesion. How often have you felt secure in the fact that you’ve a bank balance or felt insecure in the lack of it? Does it matters to you if you have friends who you can trust but no financial security? If it does then you are naive.

That’s what everything boils down to now. Any social order is just a mechanism to improve a tribe’s chances to survive over the other by re-distibuting the resources. In case one system is deemed outdated, another system will take its place but the goal will remain the same. Now, in a world where these tribes are segregated in hierarchy based on pure economic status, no-one will care to protect its interests except the top of the pyramid that everyone will try to reach by any means possible. Good is just a counter productive behaviour in such a scenario.

This is what is happening to this world and the increased exposure to media has accelerated this effect. Don’t worry, our climate change predictions and fear of running out of resources are justified but we’ll find a way to maintain luxury. When I was going for my bachelors, I got a chance to study petroleum engineering but you know what I said? “Fu*k petroleum, it’ll probably be exhausted within next 25 years or at least we’ll find a way to replace it. How am I gonna find a job if there’s no more oil to be found?”, I decided “I’ll study electrical.” Now I know what you must be thinking. That this was the stupidest thing anyone could ever say. Anyway, I didn’t do much with my degree in electrical engineering either. The point I’m trying to make here is that nothing is going to happen too soon. Total Ozone layer depletion, complete exhaustion of fossil fuels, flying cars based on cold fusion, contact with the aliens or food replicators to solve hunger, nothing is going to happen anytime soon and until then we are just going to find ways to limit others to enable ourselves as neighbours, as social classes and as nations. So be prepared to loose your innocence. Good will go extinct.

One thing about good people that makes them vulnerable to extinction is their own belief in the power of good. Its kinda misguided. Good, honest people are good at their work but are so damn arrogant and self contained that it makes it hell of a tough task just to get along with them to work together. People with more selfish motives are driven, willing to cooperate and find more material success. In this day and age, it seems that’s more or less what everyone seeks. So please, don’t come to me like a pretentious, social do gooder, feigning your devotion to some bat shit crazy spiritual guide who apparently “opened your mind” and try to tell me you are after something greater. You’re not a good person. In our times, no one can be for too long without getting frustrated.


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