Why Avengers Can Never Beat Justice League

The second trailer for Dawn of Justice dropped and its undeniably awesome! Last week we also saw the Marvel Civil War trailer. People are drawing similarities between the two and many are saying DC revealed too much in their trailer. You’ll probably watch both the movies anyway. However, I felt that setting up of Justice League although came late, is going to get intense. Here are some reasons why I think Justice League gets more exciting than Avengers:


1. Perfect Trinity: Although Avengers might try to conjure up a trinity with Ironman, Captain America and Hulk or Ironman, Captain America and Thor, but no combination will ever be like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. A perfect trinity is a powerful team characteristic. It helps a team work better. Any DC fan would know the importance of this in the fiction.

2. Overt Patriotism: With one of your hero’s literally named “Captain America” you can’t hide the propaganda driven roots. After a certain point Avengers just starts losing its appeal. Justice League will always be more globally relatable. They try to do this with Superman sometimes and its dangerous.

JL vs Avengers

3. Avenging Will Never be Equal to Real Justice: The motivations behind a team up are important. On this front, team Justice takes away the cake again. Fighting for Justice is more noble than avenging. This reflects in the tone of each comic book’s style of storytelling. Being aggressive doesn’t solve all the issues. In fact the idea of true justice is much more refined than vengeance. DC’s team is more inclined on dealing with justice which has many dimensions rather than just eliminating villains that are mostly uni-dimensional.

4. Moral Center: JL’s moral center is Batman. He keeps Superman in check, has no superpowers, doesn’t act like a boy scout and has emotional vulnerabilities. He’s a flawed human but doesn’t let this become his weakness. Team Avengers is actually confused about its moral center. It is split between Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers. One is a megalomaniac with substance issues (and inexplicably a self declared genius billionaire playboy philanthropist) who depends too much on his technology and the other is a Boy Scout with no living family. Frankly that’s a very poor juxtaposition of traits borrowed from Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Even Thor’s alien origin does not bring anything to this aspect and neither does Hulk’s crude Jekyll and Hyde transformations have anything to do with it. So now they’re trying to put Hawkeye in that role which is a bit of a stretch. Batman’s role of a moral center is evident from the highly successful Arkham game series. There’s reason why everyone wants to step into the shoes of Batman.

Team JLA

5. The Pantheon: The diversity of abilities in JL is way beyond Avengers. Superman, despite his wholesale range of superpowers is entirely different from Flash or Green Lantern. Even secondary characters have distinct personalities. We never feel that Green Arrow is in anyway redundant because of Batman. In fact, they strangely complement each other when needed. Martian Manhunter, being an alien is not Superman or Hawkgirl. Everyone has a unique position in the league. If you take away any one member from team Avengers, I bet you won’t miss anything. In fact, I accuse Marvel to be so unimaginative as to resort to haphazardly put together a superhero by dragging an actual Norse god into comic book mythos. Come on!

DC Women6. Women in the Teams: Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Super Girl are all exceptionally powerful women. Avengers has Black Widow who is basically a tortured slut (No she’s not the definition of empowered) working for the government. These are comic books and kids form the biggest demography of readers. Which one would you say is a better role model for girls? Not to mention the serious under-representation of women in team Avengers.

7. Psycho Sexual Imagery: From a branding perspective, DC has far more powerful imagery in the characters than Marvel. Think about it. Iron Man or Hulk don’t have a symbology like Superman or Batman. The ‘S’ of Superman encapsulates everything that is a part of his nature and mythos. Batman’s bat iconography is known to everyone who is into comic books. Wonder Woman is a unique and mystical brand of her own. All of them are strangely relate-able despite their abilities. Characters of Avengers essentially don’t represent any ideology other than pop culture concerns. Even Captain America’s symbology lacks the recall because it builds up only on the fear and paranoia of war. It does not stimulates the mind intellectually. The only heroes who come up with a good symbology in Marvel comics are the XMen and Spiderman in particular who is not introduced in the cinematic team Avengers yet.


For sake of this post I won’t do on to discuss villains in which case DC’s rouges gallery again tops Marvel’s. Fans of Marvel may hate me for this but I must say it’s only my opinion and you may not agree with it. I read Marvel too and love Avengers… just not as much as Justice League 🙂

Oh and Quicksilver has nothing on Flash!


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