Bones got socked in the jaw, Scotty got stunned as the crew brawled over a Pokémon! [STC Episode 6 Spoiler Review]

Eliza and USDI

Eliza and USDI: Screengrab from the episode

The 6th episode of Star Trek Continues is a wild ride of imagination and parenting issues. The plot involves a ‘nomadic extremophile’ called USDI (which closely resembles a Pokemon) that intruded Enterprise but no one knows its intentions. After breaching the hull of the ship and scaring ensign Eliza (Hello! Gigi Edgley from Farscape) it goes on a rampage across the ship. While the crew tries to capture it, a strange pulse keeps hitting the ship that alters the behavior of everyone. As people grow increasingly antagonistic towards each other it is up-to McKennah to fix it.

Due to the mood altering pulses, Kirk’s more brash side surfaces and he starts sending everyone (Bones and Scotty) to the brig. Spock’s anger management issues lands him in the infirmary with broken ribs and ruptured spleen. Thanks to an ill fated confrontation with the USDI. Finally the crew (Mainly Eliza) figures out that the creature is scared of something or someone and was using Enterprise as a hiding spot. Due to her own experiences with her father, Eliza realizes that USDI’s father may be abusive towards him. It is found that the pulses which are affecting the crew are coming from another creature outside the ship. This much larger creature of the same species appears to be USDI’s dad and for some reason he’s pissed off at USDI.

The Enterprise crew has figured out a way to be immune to the pulses but the ship itself is at risk as USDI’s dad prepares to ram it. A few photon torpedoes and UDSI himself coming to a rescue of his father avoids a major disaster. Though Kirk does give his child protection services speech which ends awkwardly in silence. He later expresses his doubts about his smooth talking abilities to Spock. After a profound moment of self-realization and Spock observes that Kirk may not have the necessary experience in this matter. In the final scene Kirk lets Eliza speak to USDI’s dad and convince him to avoid lashing out on his son. They finally get a positive response from the dad who states he is ready to change.

The Episode must be credited for its overall better visuals and set design. Although it does not match the superior plot theme of Divided We Stand or the high drama of Fairest of Them All; The two strongest episodes of the series in my opinion. Come not Between the Dragons reminds me of TNG episode Galaxy’s Child as with the space organism and imminent threat on the ship, but it’s also different in many ways. The Enterprise acting like child protection services was a bit corny but from TOS standards it seemed to fit in the franchise. However, it could be better if STC breaks the mold a bit and builds story arcs rather than standalone episodes like TOS. Since the premise of this show is set after the events of TOS third season, there could be two major arcs involving the Klingons and the Romulans. An ongoing conflict with Tholians is also a possibility. This is after all just a fan suggestion and up to the cast and crew of STC which is not loosing me anytime soon.


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