Star Wars Vs Star Trek


If you search this title, you’ll find countless articles and videos explaining the differences. In most lists, Star Wars comes out on top largely due to its relatively higher popularity. Watch Mojo’s video also compares the two franchises and settles for a win for Star Wars but the grounds for which can be easily challenged. It suggests that Star Trek’s most recognizable villain is Khan but while comparing with Star Wars memorable villains other than Darth Vader, it muddles the list of characters such as Jabba the Hutt, Bobba Fett, Darth Maul with heroes such as Leia, Luke and Solo. This sounds ignorant at best and contrived at worst. College Humor’s less objective comparison does raises some valid arguments and settles for a “Trek’s special effects are lame” banter which is still acceptable because the 1960’s original television series was typically produced on a shoestring budget and the subsequent films were also not particularly aiming to break new grounds in that regard but then “That’s not the point!” and Star Trek has many storytelling elements that makes it relevant beyond its visual style.

Which is superior? This debate is probably more persistent than any other. However, I find most people siding with Star Wars are those who haven’t seen or know very little of Star Trek. This is a bit of a problem because you can not argue on something that you don’t really have experience of. Being said that, experiencing Star Trek obviously needs much more investment of time and requires lot more patience than Star Wars which is way easier to consume and requires no pondering about future of mankind which is again, key to Star Trek’s premise. What I disagree with in Watch Mojo’s list however, is that Star Trek’s lack of good villains besides Khan. That itself is a oversimplification partly arising from the same issue of lack of familiarity with the entire body of work of Star Trek. Did you forget about Gul Dukat!? He’s one of the most nuanced and fleshed out villains ever with every dialogue as menacing and devious as any evil space antagonist. Then you have the Borg Queen, the Dominion and even the occasional Klingon baddie. Each one is memorable to those who have actually followed the series and movies through the years. In fact, apart from Darth Vader, you can’t really care much for most other villains of Star Wars. You can say that Star wars characters are way more advertised and merchandised than Star Trek’s. This is clearly an issue. Go to any toy store and you’ll readily find Star Wars action figures but I bet if you can find a decent Cardassian, Species 8427 or Xindi action figure. That’s because Star Trek shows are not marketed that way but they could be. Are Star Trek producers listening?



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