Why travelling could just be another stupid obsession

tourism-crazinessThere are things that one likes doing. Then there are things that one likes doing to just show off. There’s a thin line between those two. With the travel industry clocking more growth than ever, there seems to be an increase in “compulsive tourism”. The so called travel bug that many embrace so endearingly has a distinct trait of consumerism excess we often see with things like shoes and the oh so predominant “foodie” culture. Come to think of it, tourism is such perfect culmination of all things sellable. There’s hardly any product that can’t be sold by connecting an imagery of travelling to it. SUVs, electronic gadgets, apparel… You name it.

It’s a kind of cool thing to let everyone know that you live to see new places, isn’t it? People feel jealous when you tell them that you went to Tomorrowland or some such hip, out of state adventure. It took me a while to understand that it was a thing to flaunt. Apparently your travel exploits are a way to impress other people. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate a well travelled person, but then I also appreciate a well read person with the same regard. Also, I consider that someone travelling with a purpose is a more worthwhile traveller. Your obsessing about travel really does nothing for me. I’d rather want to know what was your state of mind while you were visiting a new place.

In olden days there were two reasons why people would cross the seas. One was for opportunities, be it career, education, trade etc. or for getting away from law. The cost and inconvenience of travelling was prohibitive of the frivioulous traveller. Which was a great thing! We should get back to that. It will keep travels a sacred thing. Come to think of it, when you travel for the sake of travelling, you are doing nothing but replacing one form of distraction with another. You are practically just channel surfing, only in a more emmersive way. Buying an Enfeild Bullet or Harley because you love to ride or an SLR because you think you’ll document your travails better is just stupid. Those are exactly what it is to buy into advertising pitches. You may or may not continue to travel but your bike will need maintainence, it will cost fuel and eventually you’ll realise it makes for a lousy vehicle for daily commute. I know what kind of shitstorm I may have just walked into right there but that’s the truth.

Travelling has always been a higher calling for people who’ve done almost everything and are now seeking different meanings to life. It should remain that way. That’s why it was called the “great escape” and no, I’m not talking about a TV show. What is wrong with you? Talking about TV shows, these travel based programs are just a way to bring a brief moment of greater cultural perspective in your life which is different from the culture you might be living in. That’s it! It’s no invitation to you to actually go and see the place. What if you don’t like it as much in real life as you liked it on TV!? So stay at home, talk to people whenever you get a chance to and find something worthwhile to do. If doing what you do brings travel on your cards then relish it, else just stay busy! If you really want something frivioulous and involves travelling, just wait for the next episodes of The Grand Tour. Those three maniacs make a ton of money practically goofing around! Oh maybe not really but they do travel the world in search of automotive excitement. It’s not entirely fun and games in their travels. In fact they are putting a lot into producing art while at it.


3 thoughts on “Why travelling could just be another stupid obsession

  1. you raise some really great points – and I find this comforting because sometimes when we are not “lusting” to go places it does seem to go against how some folks over do it….
    again – really good points here…

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